why you should add cbd to your holiday meal

May 16, 2019

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May 09, 2019

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April 30, 2019

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April 19, 2019

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April 14, 2019

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April 07, 2019

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March 22, 2019

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March 08, 2019

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February 28, 2019

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February 15, 2019

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This time of year can be the worst…

Ever consider cooking or altering any old-style family…

One of the greatest things about medical marijuana…

One of the best ways to take CBD…

Why You Should Add CBD To Your Holiday Meal

Published onNovember 27, 2017

This year you might want to consider adding a little flair to your dish. This new secret ingredient may not make the meal taste different, but it will have you feeling different. By using cooking oil or butter, you can add CBD to your favorite foods and get the healing benefits while feasting with the ones you love.

CBD Boosts Metabolism

CBD boosts the metabolism through a process called “fat browning.” The body makes at least two types of fat, white fat and brown fat. The white cells store fat in one big oil droplet, while the brown cells have a bunch of smaller oil droplets and a mitochondrion (which is the powerhouse of the cell). At one point in time, we actually thought that when you reached adulthood, you no longer made brown fat cells. However, we discovered that adults have it, too! By adding hemp oil to your meal, you can encourage those brown fat cells that don’t like to stick around, instead of gaining the white fat cells who don’t pay rent.

CBD Gives Energy

Like mentioned before, CBD promotes fat browning which turns your fat into energy. This process doesn’t just help you maintain a healthy weight; it also gives you energy. After eating with CBD, you might find yourself with more energy than you would after turkey and mashed potatoes. It also helps give an energy boost through elevating your mood.

CBD Promotes A Happy Mood

Though it might not be hard to get you into the holiday spirit, CBD can help if you’re feeling down. After eating a meal with hemp oil in it, you might find yourself feeling like you just went for a run. Not in the way that you are sweaty and your heart is racing, but that clean runner’s high you get after the endorphins have been pumping through your system.Medical cannabis elevates the levels of anandamide, which gives you that clean and organic uplifted mood.

Cannabidiol is medication. This is something you need to keep in mind. Though it is considered holistic or an alternative because it is organic and a lot safer than the majority of the things we consume every day, it still isn’t something you put in food and don’t tell someone. Do not put this in your meal and share it with the whole family without telling them what is in it, and without knowing if anyone is going to have an adverse reaction. If you have a CBD family, great! Have a CBD holiday! Otherwise, make this a single serving and just tell people about the fantastic things CBD is doing for you so they can decide if they want to take that step as well.

If you want to make some CBD cooking oil or butter, our shop has an exceptional isolate that you can infuse with your food. You can also get already made edibles like peanut butter or honey and just add it to your meal. The options are almost endless; it’s only up to you how you do it!










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